What if no motorist was issued a ticket?

What if no motorist was issued a ticket?

no motorist was issued a ticketAfter a car accident, drivers can be issued tickets. When evidence of a traffic violation is present or witnesses verify that certain traffic laws were violated, one or both drivers can receive a traffic ticket, in addition to being liable for some or all of the accident.

A traffic ticket does not determine fault after a car accident, and if a driver is issued a traffic ticket after an accident, it doesn’t mean that he or she is to blame. In fact, a traffic citation is not even admissible in court. A police officer’s determination of whether someone violated a traffic law is often irrelevant in the fault determination.

If it’s unclear who is at fault, you may need to prepare for a tougher road ahead. Insurance settlements outside of court may be difficult, and you may need to prepare for a legal claim to recover damages. 

Whether you plan to take legal action, are still considering your options, or you’re hoping to settle without a lawsuit, these are the steps that you need to take after a car accident when no motorist was issued a ticket.


Gather Evidence

It’s vital to gather evidence from the accident to support your claim. Get clear pictures of all damage to your vehicle and possessions, as well as any injuries you may have sustained.

It’s never too early to start gathering evidence. Start gathering evidence as soon as the accident is over. Use every resource at your disposal to gather as much evidence as possible about the accident and your damages.


Call Your Insurance Provider

After the accident, you’ll exchange insurance information with the other driver. It is best to contact your insurance provider immediately and let them know the basic details of the accident. Once the police report is finalized, settlement offers will be given based on all injuries that are sustained.


Negotiate Outside of Court

Don’t accept a settlement from the insurance provider that doesn’t meet your needs. Insurance settlements can be negotiated outside of court after the initial offer is given. 

Sometimes, you may choose to have a lawyer help you with the insurance provider negotiations before filing a legal claim, which involves communicating your settlement needs, sending a demand letter, and countering offers.


Get Help From a Car Accident Lawyer

When you’ve experienced a large number of damages from a car accident, it’s a good idea to get a lawyer immediately. If you’re unhappy with the insurance settlement offer because it doesn’t match up to your actual costs or account for pain and suffering, get advice from a lawyer. 

During a consultation and while working together, we will review your case and damages. We can help you decide the best path for success in collecting damages and defending your rights. 


Common Damages To Sue for After a Car Accident

While every car accident is different, there are a number of common types of damages that are claimed after car accidents. They usually surround the areas of personal property damage, personal injuries, and wrongful death. Personal property damage can include vehicle damage and damage to personal possessions, while personal injuries can be physical and mental.

Some examples of commonly claimed car accident damages include but are not limited to:

  • Medical expenses for treatment and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages due to an injury
  • Damage to personal possessions
  • Damage to a vehicle
  • General damages that are non-monetary damages, such as pain and suffering and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Wrongful death

To collect compensation for damages through legal action, it is vital that you have lots of strong supporting evidence. You will need documentation, pictures and videos, and testimonies, which show actual damage that occurred from the other party’s negligence.

If the case goes to trial, and you are found to have any percentage of fault, your verdict will be reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault, due to Louisiana’s comparative fault law.


Get a Consultation With Lake Charles’ Top Car Accident Team

Proving negligence for various damages can be difficult, especially when no tickets were issued, but our team is skilled and confident, working for justice on your behalf.

Whether you are ready to claim damages through legal action or you need advice to find out whether or not it is the right path for you, The Johnson Firm is here to help. We are the trusted Lake Charles car accident lawyers that will lead you on the path to success.

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