What’s the rule when traffic lights are out?

What’s the rule when traffic lights are out?

Do you know what to do when a traffic light is out? Though you may be versed in traffic law and follow the rules carefully, there is no guarantee that everyone else on the road will do the same. Accidents can and do happen, often due to another driver’s negligence. In those cases, a Lake Charles car accident lawyer will ensure you receive the proper compensation from those responsible.

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When the traffic light is out, treat it like a normal 4-way stop

In most cases, authorities will already be aware of the light outage and directing traffic in its stead. Whether or not this is the case, you should treat the spot like a normal 4-way stop intersection. Be mindful of other drivers, only go when it is your turn, and keep at a safe speed.

Worried about who to call when a traffic light is out? If nobody is directing traffic, call the authorities immediately so they can be aware. Ensure you are up to speed on traffic laws so you are not caught unaware in this situation. The last thing you want is to cause an accident, but a personal injury lawyer would still be advisable if you do.

Follow right-of-way laws

The most important thing is for you to follow right-of-way laws. Right-of-way means that the first vehicle to approach an intersection has the right to proceed, whether continuing straight or turning left or right.

Whatever you do, do not make any turns without being completely certain nobody is there.

There will likely be some confusion at an intersection with a malfunctioning or broken traffic light. If you and another driver approach the intersection simultaneously, coming to a stop at the same moment, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. You can wave the other driver on if you’re unsure whether you were there first. If you’re confident you approached the intersection before the other car, you can slowly proceed forward or into your turn.

What happens if I am hit by another driver when a traffic light is out?

If you are involved in an accident while the traffic lights are down, you should treat it like any other accident. Call the police, move yourself and your vehicle out of the way if possible, and exchange information with the person who hit you. Be sure that a police report is filed, and if anyone was around to witness the crash, try to get their information as well. You will need the evidence if there is a dispute about who is at fault and who must pay.

The most important thing is to immediately contact a car accident lawyer to review your case and discuss the next steps.

Contact a car accident lawyer in Lake Charles for help today

If you have been in an accident due to a traffic light outage, seek out a lawyer familiar with car crash law. They will do all they can to ensure you receive proper compensation, helping you navigate the legal system if necessary.

The Johnson Firm has been serving Louisiana for years with savvy, experienced lawyers familiar with the ins and outs of traffic law. Reach out today for a free consultation by calling (337) 433-1414 or completing our online contact form.

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