Who pays medical bills in a pending car accident case?

Who pays medical bills in a pending car accident case?

It is not always clear who pays medical bills in a car accident. Your health insurer may cover your medical expenses, or there may be other options to cover some or all of these costs. By working with best-in-class Lake Charles car accident lawyers, you can get the help you need to pay your medical bills and pursue compensation from anyone responsible for your crash.

At The Johnson Firm, we understand that justice isn’t given — it’s won. Our Lake Charles car accident attorneys can review your auto crash claim and help you get the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible. For more information, please get in touch with us.

who pays medical bills in a car accident case

Who pays medical bills after a car accident?

Who pays for medical bills after a car accident can change throughout a personal injury case. You may have multiple options to cover your auto accident medical expenses. These options include the following.

Health insurance

Your private health insurer may cover your medical bills, but you may still be required to cover your co-pays and deductibles.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage

Also referred to as no-fault insurance, you can buy PIP as part of your auto insurance policy and it’ll cover your medical costs and other expenses.

Medical payments coverage

This type of coverage can be added to your auto insurance policy to cover your medical payments.

Pre-settlement funding

You can request a lawsuit loan in which you get money that you can use in the short term and pay it back if you win or settle your claim.

Medical liens

Sometimes doctors and chiropractors agree to treat someone on a lien basis, meaning they get paid at the end of the case. Your attorney should know which doctors may be willing to handle your treatment this way.

The Johnson Firm has been serving personal injury clients since 1980. We can give you insights into who pays medical bills after a car accident and other legal topics. To find out more, please reach out to us.

Will an injured passenger have to pay medical bills after an auto crash?

You may be wondering: if a passenger is injured in a car accident, who pays the medical bills? In this situation, the passenger falls into the same category as the driver. Any insurance that the driver has may be used to cover the passenger’s injuries — and the driver still has the option to file a personal injury lawsuit to request damages if another motorist was responsible for their crash, too.

How can you get the at-fault driver to pay medical bills?

You should file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver as soon as you can after your auto crash. In Louisiana, you have up to one year from the date you suffer a personal injury to seek compensation, per the statute of limitations. If you don’t file a lawsuit within this window, you’ll be 100% responsible for your medical expenses.

How much money should I ask for to cover my car crash medical bills?

You can ask for economic compensation for your medical bills and non-economic damages for pain and suffering. By partnering with a lawyer who has helped clients achieve great case results, you can put yourself in the best position to secure a fair settlement. Your lawyer can help you calculate the costs of your medical expenses and determine how much money you should request in your lawsuit.

How long will it take to get money for my auto accident medical expenses?

It can take months or years to resolve a car accident lawsuit. In the meantime, you and the defendant can negotiate. If you receive a reasonable settlement offer, you can resolve your claim before you have to go to trial.

What do I need to do to get money for my car collision medical bills?

The Johnson Firm can help you with your auto accident injury claim. We will make sure you pursue compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. Please contact us online or call us at (337) 433-1414 to schedule a free consultation.

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