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Driving an 18-wheeler safely isn’t as simple as driving a car or SUV. They’re big, they stop slowly, and they have huge blind spots. Driving one requires special training and licenses (Commercial Driver’s License, also known as a CDL), especially if the cargo is hazardous, such as chemicals used at petrochemical and natural gas plants. 

Drivers have to follow a number of state and federal regulations. Trucks are routinely checked for wear or maintenance issues and drivers have to keep logs on time spent behind the wheel. 

If an 18-wheeler is involved in a crash, their CDL and job is at risk. Therefore, these drivers will fight tooth and nail to avoid being at fault in an accident. It takes an experienced lawyer to bring forth the truth in these cases.

When an accident involving a semi happens, a Lake Charles 18 wheeler accident lawyer at The Johnson Firm will work to find out the cause and help clients seek the maximum available compensation for injuries or death. 


  • Operator fatigue. Truck drivers are limited in how many hours they can spend behind the wheel without rest. Some try to get around the regulations to meet high-pressure deadlines. A sleepy, groggy, driver does not have the presence of mind to handle such a large, dangerous vehicle.
  • Improper training. A truck driver is a highly skilled occupation, but sometimes corners are cut. Letting someone behind the wheel who lacks the proper training can spell disaster on the road.
  • Disobeying traffic regulations, speeding, unsafe lane changes, etc. Truckers are required to follow the basic rules of the road that everyone else has to follow. But truckers have additional rules they need to mind. Unsafe driving of an 18-wheeler can quickly lead to an ugly accident. 
  • Intoxication or effects of drug use. Because of the stress and workload a trucker faces, many may take advantage of stimulants to keep them awake behind the wheel. Like alcohol use, this can impact reflex times when they’re most important.
  • Negligent maintenance. Eighteen wheelers spend a lot of time on the road and require a lot of maintenance. Engine troubles, brake issues, balding tires, and more can cause devastating injuries.
  • Improperly loaded or excess weight. Pulling so much weight makes operating a semi is dangerous in the best of times. If freight is improperly loaded, the truck can become unstable and even more dangerous.


The most common cause of truck accidents is drowsy or distracted driving. Many drivers neglect taking the required breaks because of demanding deadlines. No matter the cause of the wreck, if the driver or another party is at fault, you might be entitled to compensation.

  • Jackknifing – Occurs when the cab of the truck turns and folds against the trailer, causing it to lose control.
  • Rolling over – Caused by a road obstruction or a major shift in the balance of the truck.
  • Sideswipes – Occurs when a truck changes lanes and hits another vehicle, usually one that’s in the driver’s blind spot.
  • Rear-end collisions – Common when traffic comes to a sudden halt since semis require much more distance to come to a stop.
  • Wide turn collisions – Occurs when a truck doesn’t have enough room to make a wide right turn.

 These kinds of crashes are almost always avoidable if the driver is paying proper attention and driving in a safe manner in a properly maintained and properly loaded vehicle.

18 wheeler accident attorney in lake charles

Truck accidents can cause serious or even life-threatening injuries. If you were involved in a truck accident, let The Johnson Firm fight for you.


Because of the sheer size and weight of an 18-wheeler truck, accidents cause a great deal of damage and injuries for others involved. Medical bills, lost wages, property damage, vehicle repairs, and other losses can all result. A personal injury attorney in Lake Charles can help you file an insurance claim and can help you recover these losses.

 It’s common for truck accidents to result in serious injuries or fatalities. If you suffer any of these or other injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. 

  • Head injuries, concussions, or severe brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Broken bones in the face, ribs, arms, and legs, which could lead to other complications
  • Neck and back injuries or muscle, tendon, and ligament damage
  • Wrongful death, for which the deceased person’s loved ones might be owed compensation


After being involved in a truck accident, serious injuries can leave you with a mountain of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of income, mental distress, and other expenses. The Johnson Firm’s Lake Charles 18 wheeler accident lawyers are experienced in dealing with complex truck accident cases. We work hard to ensure our clients get the compensation they deserve.

We investigate both the truck driver and the trucking company. The Johnson Firm demands driver logs, truck maintenance records, black-box crash data, driving history, and other evidence to help make your case. Furthermore, we have access to some of the leading trucking industry experts and reconstruction specialists to help prove what really caused the crash.  


Before you contact an insurance company, give us a call to make sure you get the full compensation due. An insurance company knows you will be struggling financially after the accident and may offer a lower amount of compensation.

 The Johnson Firm’s Lake Charles 18 wheeler accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you put your life back together.

Our attorneys bring over 40 years of experience to the table. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in an accident involving a semi-trailer truck, call us at (337) 433-1414 and let us help you get your due compensation.

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