A Safer Way to Get Home on New Year’s Eve in Lake Charles

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This past year has been a wild ride, but 2018 is drawing to a close. It will end as all years do: with a big party on New Year’s Eve. While most Lake Charles residents will ring out the old year with family and friends in a responsible way, there unfortunately be those who will refuse to listen to the warnings and the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of drinking and driving. They will ignore it all and get behind the wheel of their vehicle and drive while drunk. 

Far too often the result of that irresponsible choice is that there will be completely preventable motor vehicle wrecks, injuries and fatalities. 

However, the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is taking a step to prevent New Year’s Eve crashes by partnering with Lyft to offer discounted rides home in Lake Charles, as well as other cities around the state. 

Five-dollar discounts will be available to riders here, as well as in Lafayette, Monroe, Shreveport and New Orleans. All anyone will have to do to get the discount is type the code into Lyft’s app: RIDESMARTLA. 

The ride-share company has partnered with five states, including ours, and the Governors High way Safety Association to offer the discounted rides and help people get home safely on New Year’s Eve. Not only will riders be safer, but so will those motorists with whom they would have shared the streets. 

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Executive Director Lisa Freeman said, “We want people to have a good time during the holidays, but we want to celebrate with family and friends in a responsible manner.” 

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