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Louisiana is home to a few of the nation’s renowned petrochemical plants. It accommodates several top suppliers of energy products and manufacturing units of steel industries. Though such industries provide ample job opportunities, they also come with their share of risks like disregard of safety protocols, poor oversight and training, improper protective gear, and lack of maintenance. Such factors result in exposure to toxic gas, injuries, and explosions.

Our pool of plant explosion and industrial injury lawyers has a distinct advantage over other firms because we understand the complexities of the industries in Louisiana. We have dealt with several cases of plant explosions, injury, and illness. As experienced representatives, we fight claims pertaining to plant explosions in the most effective manner.

Explosion Accidents and Your Legal Rights

An explosion in a refinery usually happens due to the negligence of another person. Claiming it can be difficult. Equipped with years of expertise in investigating such plant explosions, our industry injury lawyers drill down to the root cause and succeed in establishing it. This procedural approach includes:

  • Determining that a duty of care exists.
  • Proving that this duty was not fulfilled.
  • Establishing that a breach of duty occurred.
  • Linking this breach with the injury caused.

Based on these aspects and a review of the damage caused, the defendant is asked to provide fair compensation to the victim. This compensation will include:

  • Lost wages.
  • Costs for medical treatment of the injury.
  • Settlement for mental pain and suffering.
  • Workaround for income if there is a loss of companionship.

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An injury can impact your life tremendously. Every type of injury that happens as a result of someone else’s negligence requires the attention of an experienced attorney.