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A Federal/State crime includes the violation of the Federal/State criminal statute. The penalties for such charges may include jail time, hefty fines, restitution payments, forfeiture of property or probation. As Federal sentencing is usually very complicated, it best to seek assistance from experts like The Johnson Firm for favorable results.

Federal Lawyer – Federal Defense Attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana

The sentencing guidelines for federal cases are severe. It is important to consult a professional federal defense attorney to handle such cases. At The Johnson Firm, we are equipped with thorough knowledge and experience in federal sentencing guidelines. This helps to minimize the punishment to a significantly reduced sentence.

We begin the analysis of each federal case with in-depth evaluation, interviewing witnesses, analyzing evidence, and meeting federal prosecutors for a pretrial detention hearing.

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What Are Federal Crimes?

Federal crimes are different from other criminal cases. The penalties imposed are unbending. The charges are also complex. Also, the government on its part does not spare any attempt to obtain convictions and seize assets from the offenders. An individual charged with a federal crime will need serious professional intervention to get effective solutions.

Differences between the State and Federal Systems

State and local systems are established by a State. Federal systems are established by the constitution of the U.S.

State courts have a broad jurisdiction and they deal with cases like robberies, traffic violations, family disputes, and broken contracts. Federal systems deal with cases that include:

  • The United States as a party
  • Violating the U.S. Constitution or Federal laws.
  • Bankruptcy and copyright issues
  • Cases between citizens of different states

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