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Drug Offense Attorney in Lake Charles

Punishment for possession of drugs may include being barred from workplaces, loss of professional license, and disqualification of workplace benefits in little or no incarceration. Regardless of the nature of the conviction, it is important to contact an experienced drug offense lawyer to protect the rights of the offender.

We are a team of qualified lawyers in Louisiana with unmatched exposure in drug possession and crimes cases. With this experience, we can defend the interest of the offender at a very early stage of the legal process.

A drug offense attorney in Lake Charles can help reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

Lake Charles Drug Offense Lawyers Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Our pool of expert drug and offense lawyers try to reduce potential penalties. We also look for ways like

  • A pretrial diversion or deterred imposition of sentence for first-time offenders.
  • An aggressive legal effort to seek vindication at trial. We apply an optimal strategy based on facts of the case and work around it to free our client from charges.
  • Cases of underlying substance abuse and treatment to cure it. This minimizes the sentence imposed and avoids conviction.

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Getting to the Facts and Root Problems of Your Drug-Related Crime

The potential penalties for possession of drugs depend on the type of drug, amount, and the intention of the act. Potential penalties for possessing drugs are:

  • Schedule I drugs: 4 to 10 years of hard labor and fine up to $5000
  • Schedule II drugs: 2 to 5 years in prison and fine up to $5000
  • Schedule III drugs: up to 5 years in prison and fine up to $5000
  • Schedule IV drugs: up to 5 years in prison and fine of $5000
  • Schedule V drugs: Up to 5 years in prison and fine of $5000

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