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Contempt of court refers to the offense of being disrespectful or disobedient towards an established law. This can be misbehavior towards law officers who defy the dignity of the court. It can also be an action like not abiding by the rules of the court. Contempt of court is categorized into two types: being disrespectful towards court authorities and not obeying the law.

When the court decides that there has been contempt of law, it can issue an order against the party and initiate a trial.

Failing to Comply with a Family Court Order

On failing to comply by a family court order, the party may be punished as follows:

  • A direct contempt may lead to a fine of $1000 or imprisonment of up to 24 hours or both.
  • Disobeying an order can lead to a fine of $1000 or imprisonment up to 6 months or both.
  • A deliberate refusal to do an act will result in imprisonment until he/she agrees to do it.

Secure Counsel with an Experienced Lawyer

Contempt of court may lead to serious consequences according to the laws of the state. It is, therefore, necessary to seek professional help to tackle such critical cases. At The Johnson Firm, we try to understand the root cause of the contempt. We assume that a mistake has happened unknowingly and without the intent to insult the court.

Our experienced lawyers try to represent the client in the best light possible to minimize the tough consequences and obtain favorable results.

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