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Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyers

However trivial it may look, getting charged with a criminal offense puts your livelihood and reputation at risk. That’s why you need an experienced and professional criminal defense law firm like us to protect your rights. As the leading criminal defense lawyers in Lake Charles, we have helped many people who got in trouble with the law.

Criminal Defense Areas We Cover

DWI/DUI – Our strong defense will ensure you don’t lose your driving license due to a DWI/DUI charge.

Drug Offenses – We can help you avoid years of imprisonment under this grave non-violent criminal charge.

Homicides – You will require a robust criminal defense law firm like us to fight the most serious of all criminal charges.

Assault/Battery – It is our responsibility to make your side of the story in an assault/battery charge heard.

White Collar Crimes – Our criminal defense lawyers in Lake Charles have the expertise to handle any case of white-collar crime.

Internet Crimes – Are you facing cybercrime charges? We can help you fight them off.

Apart from these major areas, we also provide legal help in vehicular homicide, professional disciplinary actions, juvenile defense or delinquency, sex crimes, federal or state charges, and expungement, among others.

How our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Lake Charles Will Help

If you are facing a criminal charge in Lake Charles, our experienced lawyers will go through police records, examine the crime scene, talk to witnesses, and study your case in detail. We will help you exercise your rights as a defendant to the fullest extent of the law. Our excellent track record says the rest.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys at Your Service

Visit our office at 910 Ford Street, Lake Charles 70601, to discuss your case. You can also call us on 337-433-1414 or email on to explore your legal options right away.


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We believe every person deserves a fair, honest, and just defense and defend clients charged with the pettiest of offenses to the most serious of crimes.

Our attorneys will thoroughly examine every detail of your case and fight to resolve any discrepancies revealed. We have a passion for the truth and will challenge anyone who attempts to obscure it.

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