Speed is Everything

The Reality

Everything comes to a screeching halt when someone is arrested or charged with a crime – it’s stressful, uncertain, and overwhelming. That’s why you need someone who understands the urgency of your matter and can guide you through the process. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge –whether you’re innocent or have been overcharged – hire a qualified attorney immediately.

Here’s Why

DUI Matters/License Suspension

In most DUI cases, the Department of Public Safety will seek to suspend someone’s license within 30 days of the charge. This can be appealed, however, if we have enough time. We’ve been able to prevent numerous license suspensions when we’ve had the time and advanced notice to pursue it. However, if we’re not hired in time, there’s nothing we can do once a license has already been suspended.

Drug Offenses, Homicides, Assault & Battery

When it comes to these types of criminal matters, you can’t afford any delay in getting our private investigator to work. Securing all available evidence – and fast – could help prevent you from being convicted or further prosecuted. We’re aggressive when it comes to this component of case management and approach every opportunity with a “leave no stone unturned” philosophy.


We also don’t want you making decisions about your case without sound advice. Oftentimes, people talk to the police without a lawyer, and doing so tremendously hurts their case. And you can understand why – when facing any type of criminal matter, there are obvious mental, physical, and emotional strains that can lead to poor decision-making. The criminal justice system isn’t a fixer upper! Don’t try to do it yourself. Call us first.


We have a saying at the firm, “The State investigates its case, and we investigate yours!” This stems from the fact that police reports often omit information that’s helpful to the defense. No matter how petty or serious the charge, when you hire us, you also benefit from our highly skilled private investigator. And with this, you’re immediately afforded a significant advantage over the prosecution. The lawyer who knows the most about your case – the good and the bad – is more prepared. And thorough preparation, along with a relentless pursuit for the truth, is what we believe makes all the difference in criminal defense.


Our commitment to comprehensive criminal defense is another value we believe distinguishes our firm and our level of service to our clients.

It comes into play here, because we don’t consider our job completely finished until we obtain an expungement and your record is formally cleared, when the law allows us to do so. It’s not uncommon for other attorneys to move on to other clients without performing this extra level of work. But your future – your ability to live your best life and pursue meaningful work – is extremely important to us. 

Don’t wait to call us. The sooner you hire us, the more quickly we can get to work on your case!

We believe every person deserves a fair, honest, and just defense and defend clients charged with the pettiest of offenses to the most serious of crimes.

Our attorneys will thoroughly examine every detail of your case and fight to resolve any discrepancies revealed. We have a passion for the truth and will challenge anyone who attempts to obscure it.

  • Drug Offenses
  • Homicides
  • Assault/Battery
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Internet Crimes
  • Professional Disciplinary Actions
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Juvenile Defense/Juvenile Delinquency
  • Sex Crimes
  • Federal/State Charges
  • Expungement
  • Adam didn’t just take my money and attempt to get the ‘easiest’ deal. He fought for me and put his reputation on the line.

    VEDO, Construction
  • I was arrested for DWI, and he was able to get all of my charges dropped. The best amount of money I’ve ever spent.

    EDWARD, Food Services
  • Adam is currently working on my case, and I’m very satisfied with his work ethic, open communication, and commitment to my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know.

    JAMIE, Oil & Gas
  • Adam is the nicest, hardest working guy. He explains everything - is a great listener - and understands his client’s needs.

    EDWARD, Food Services
  • Adam is a very down-to-earth guy. He’s a hard worker and a great listener. He was able to get my DWI charge dropped down to a Reckless Operation charge. I was very impressed.

    ALEX, Plant Employee
  • Adam won’t ever promise you something he can’t deliver. He’s a straight shooter.

    VEDO, Construction
  • Adam and his staff are awesome! He was able to get all of my charges dropped.

    DEREK, Truck Driver
  • Other attorneys are interested in the best deal for them. Not Adam. He charges in head-first and is not afraid to fight.

    VEDO, Construction
  • To say that I was impressed with the results just doesn’t do what Adam did for me justice.

    VEDO, Construction
  • Adam is committed to educating his clients, where the process stands, and the steps he’s taking throughout the process.

    VEDO, Construction