Terance Dartez killed in garbage truck crash

33-year-old Terrance Dewayne Dartez was killed in a collision with a garbage truck on U.S. 165 on the morning of September 11. Dartez was a passenger in a Ford F150 that was driven by 38-year-old Kevin Todd Miller. The F150 was about a half-mile south of Ikes Road when it failed to slow down as […]

Unidentified driver killed in fiery crash

An unidentified driver was killed on the afternoon of September 3. The incident took place on Louisiana Highway 384 near A. Granger Road in Calcasieu Parish.  For reasons that are not known at this time, a 2008 Nissan Maxima swerved off the left side of the road. The story did not end there, as the […]

Junior Benavidez-Mendoza killed by drunk driver

Despite numerous examples of fatal consequences when someone gets behind the wheel, individuals think they can make it from point A to point B without incident after a few drinks. This overconfidence and lack of consideration for what might happen to others takes over at that moment, and someone may not live to tell the […]

Car makes a splashy entrance into Lake Charles

On the morning of July 29, a man drove a vehicle right into Lake Charles in the vicinity of the Interstate 10 bridge. This story gets even more bizarre because apparently, the unidentified man was behind the wheel of a vehicle that didn’t belong to him. The woman who owned the car told a local […]

Yvette Bowens killed in collision with concrete barrier

A grave tragedy took place a couple of blocks away from the boardwalk just off Convention Center Boulevard. 75-year-old Yvette Bowens was killed in a single-vehicle car accident on the afternoon of July 29.  The incident took place on the entry ramp from Convention Center Boulevard, intersecting with the US 90B West HOV lane. The […]


Motorcyclist Shari Akins killed in collision on LA 70

While traffic lights usually aren’t taken for granted, other road signals put in place in order to safeguard drivers can be overlooked. Stop signs, oncoming bump displays, or yield warnings are often taken for granted, as a driver may not see any incumbrances to their path directly ahead. One of those situations appears to have […]