Car makes a splashy entrance into Lake Charles


On the morning of July 29, a man drove a vehicle right into Lake Charles in the vicinity of the Interstate 10 bridge. This story gets even more bizarre because apparently, the unidentified man was behind the wheel of a vehicle that didn’t belong to him.

The woman who owned the car told a local news outlet that the man was driving her vehicle through sand on the periphery of the lake, before eventually speeding right into it. 

The man was not injured, but the event raises a lot of questions from the community. It’s natural to wonder how or if the man knew the woman who owned the vehicle. Perhaps the car was stolen and then directed into the lake.

It also seems possible that the man had an axe to grind with the woman, and acted this way to get back at her.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that the man stands to face some difficult questions from authorities after the unusual incident.

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