Lake Charles Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be emotionally challenging as it impacts the entire family. It is important to seek professional assistance as divorce lawyers have the experience to analyze the long-and-short-term family goals. We believe in developing a legal strategy that can help positively resolve issues and provide healthier outcomes.

Understanding What Divorce Means for You

Divorce is the dissolution of a marital union that includes the reorganizing of legal duties under the law of a particular state.

Short-term marriages without children or property are less complex when compared to long-term marriages that include child custody and marital debts. Also, couples who work together to negotiate in terms of spousal support, child custody, and property division will experience a less expensive and faster movement of proceedings.

How to File for Divorce in Lake Charles

To initiate the divorce process, the submission of divorce forms is needed. These forms are available at the Louisiana Judicial branch. Alternatively, the petitioner can also obtain a copy of the forms from the online interface of the judicial branch. The documents required to begin the divorce process are:

  • Petition for divorce.
  • Verification credentials.

This is followed by:

  • Filing of required documents with the local courthouse.
  • Serving the copies of documents to the respondent.
  • Submitting financial affidavits of the petitioner and respondent.

How an Experienced Divorce Lawyer Can Help

The expertise of an experienced divorce lawyer is required to negotiate critical aspects like child custody, division of assets, and the overall settlement that arises from a divorce. The Johnson Firm focuses on sensitive issues and aggressively litigates for the best results.

Consult a Divorce Lawyer for Legal Advice

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You’ll want a partner and advocate who can confidently maneuver the emotional and financial intricacies of any family law matter. From custody, child support, and community property, to adoption and prenuptial agreements, we’re committed to protecting you and the best interests of your family.