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Assault refers to a person threatening verbally whereas battery is physical harm done to an individual after an assault. Usually, an assault leads to a battery. Such charges can result in serious consequences including heavy fines, jail sentence, and enrolment in anger management classes. To defend oneself in such cases, it is important to seek help from a professional assault and battery lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights.

Assault Law in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Punishment and penalties differ for assault and battery. Here are the penalties for a simple assault in Louisiana:

  • Jail up to 90 days and fine up to $200
  • Probation for 2 years
  • Restitution

The penalties for a simple battery are:

  • Jail up to 6 months and fine of $1000
  • Probation for 2 years
  • Restitution

Penalties for Misdemeanor Assault or Battery

The accused may be imposed with extended jail time. The term “special victims” refers to elderly or disabled people who have experienced an assault or battery. Cases involving such victims require the court to impose a minimum jail term and prohibition from suspension of the jail time.


How The Johnson Firm Can Help

With an unbeaten reputation in advocacy, our assault and battery lawyers handle each case diligently. We take every step for the acquittal or dismissal of the case. Our expert advocates protect constitutional rights and strive to minimize charges and penalties.

Our defense begins with an immediate investigation of the case. This includes detailed scrutiny of the collected evidence. This is followed by a review of police records and challenging any kind of evidence that is not credible.


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