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Expungement helps individuals clear their permanent record from conviction charges and crimes. This is important as such criminal records impact professional and personal life. At The Johnson Firm, we understand the importance of expungement and help by taking criminal records off from public view.

What Is Expungement in Louisiana?

Criminal records can ruin a person’s reputation if they surface during a background check or while processing a job application. If an expungement is successful, it provides peace of mind with the advantage of removing criminal records from public view.

In Louisiana, an expungement is a legal process that involves the dismissal of charges like misdemeanor crimes, deferred adjudication requests, and certain convictions. It is to be noted that all criminal cases cannot be expunged and this complete process is complicated and time-consuming.

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How to Get Your Record Expunged in Lake Charles, Louisiana

 According to the State of Louisiana, charges are expunged only when they have been dismissed, rejected or the statute of limitations has expired. Again, if the court has deferred imposition of sentence under Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 893 or 894 with probation that has been completed, an expungement is possible.

Deferred adjudication:

This enables an immediate filing of a petition to expunge misdemeanor conviction if there is a set-aside or dismissal

Misdemeanor convictions are expunged if:

  • 5 years have passed since the completion of a sentence.
  • There are no pending felony charges.
  • The charges are not related to domestic violence, sex offense or stalking.
  • No misdemeanor expungement has been obtained in the previous 5 years.

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