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Adoption can be a momentous event for the whole family. However, this move includes sensitive legalities. It can become tough if the biological parents refuse to cooperate with the process. At The Johnson Firm, we are equipped with a team of experienced adoption lawyers who can take charge of the paperwork and help navigate through the complete process of adoption.

How Can a Lake Charles Lawyer Help?

The prevalent issue in the adoption of a child is the termination of parental rights. The non-custodial parent gives up the rights to the child.  In such cases, stepparent adoption is recommended. However, if the party is not willing to do so, a courtroom trial is initiated.

If a parent does not cooperate during the adoption process, it is important to have a strong advocate to win the trial. The court will uphold the best outcome considering the interest of the child.

Our adoption attorneys are experienced in handling such complex cases and establishing facts about the case for a favorable result.

Why Choose The Johnson Firm to Handle Adoption Process?

Adoption cases can become complicated when they involve uncooperative biological parents. Our adoption lawyers at The Johnson Firm consider every aspect of the case and conduct in-depth evaluation. If the biological parents are ready with their consent, we proceed with the case in an amicable manner, else we consider other options for involuntary termination of parental rights. Either way, we present facts and argue for a fair outcome.

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