Sex Crimes Defense Attorney Lake Charles

A sex crime can be sensitive and needs the help of an experienced and qualified sex offense lawyer to deal with. We are a pool of astute sex offense lawyers who delve into the depth of cases to evaluate all possibilities. We are experts in conducting detailed investigations to determine the validity and credibility of witnesses involved in the case. It is imperative to hand over such cases to qualified lawyers because sex crimes can be complicated and the penal codes differ from state to state.

Charges For Sex Crimes Are Serious In Lake Charles

A sex crime solicitation will include a fine of $500 and up to 6 months of jail time for the first offense. A second offense will include a fine of $250 to $2000 and up to two years of incarceration. A third subsequent conviction includes two to four years of prison time and a fine between $500 and $5000. The lookback period for a conviction is five years. So after five years of the first conviction, the offender is charged as if the offense happened for the first time.

Hiring The Johnson Firm Sex Offense Lawyer In Louisiana

Any allegation of a sex crime can be perilous. At The Johnson Firm, we work as a team in Louisiana to represent sex crime cases. Our team is equipped with the experience to fight cases involving sexual misconduct. Considering the intensity of a sex crime, it is recommended that a sex offense lawyer be contacted to seek professional help.

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