Community Property Partitions Lawyers Lake Charles

Louisiana is a community property estate wherein couples own community property. The assets, debts or obligations that are acquired during a marriage are called community property. This means that the property belongs to the couple in common. If the parties divorce, this community property is fairly divided among the two based on certain key considerations. Community Property Partitions lawyers at The Johnson Firm help divorcing couples identify hiccups in community property cases and prepare a plan of action accordingly.

Experienced Community Property Partitions

The key aspects of community property partitions are:

  • The net worth of assets and debts
  • The market value of property owned by the couple, if applicable

This cumulative value is divided by mortgages, retirement plans, and other financial commitments the couple may have. The value obtained after these deductions is considered for the community property partition.

Our team of expert community property partition lawyers establishes key facts based on these financial details and represents clients for a favorable outcome.

Our Property Division Practice

The Johnson Firm ensures that the client receives every asset he/she is entitled to. We are a team of experienced community property partition lawyers who begin with a detailed financial evaluation of the total assets belonging to the couple. We also consult appraisers, investigators, and financial experts, if needed to ensure a fair settlement.

We understand the legal complexities and ensure that the court partitions the community by:

  • Valuing the assets, determining liabilities, and considering the claims of parties.
  • Dividing the community property in a way that both parties get a fair settlement.
  • Equalizing the partition and facilitating payments in case of unequal property partition.

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You’ll want a partner and advocate who can confidently maneuver the emotional and financial intricacies of any family law matter. From custody, child support, and community property, to adoption and prenuptial agreements, we’re committed to protecting you and the best interests of your family.