Child/Spousal Support attorney Lake Charles

A divorce can bring a lot of fear and uncertainty. The lifestyle of the people involved changes entirely. Further, divorce can give rise to insecurity about the financial status of a family. Spousal support and child custody add to these concerns. The Johnson Firm helps such parties with dedicated representation and ensures to litigate spousal support cases for a mutually beneficial result.

When a Spousal Support Attorney Is Required

Spousal support, also called alimony, does not include factors for appropriate determination. Unlike child custody cases, spousal support cases are based on the needs of one partner while the other is in a position to provide support. It involves one spouse making payments for the living expenses of the other.

Spousal support attorneys are required when there is no definite calculation that decides alimony. The estimation is done based on accurate income amounts. False claims of expenses are part of such cases. Legal assistance helps here to detail every aspect with the help of forensic accountants and financial experts.

How a Lake Charles Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help

An expert like us can help in the most contentious cases. One spouse may try misleading the other by providing false financial statements, under-reporting income or hiding revenue. Self-employed spouses or business owners may also try presenting inaccurate income. Legal assistance at this point can help delve into the financial details. The Johnson Firm teams with forensic accountants and financial experts to obtain accurate information. We try to represent such spousal cases in the best light to obtain a fair and mutually beneficial settlement.

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