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Personal Injury Lawyers Lake Charles

Apart from physical and emotional stress, personal injury can also lead to sudden medical expenses. That’s why you need to contact a personal injury law firm as soon as possible. As some of the best personal injury lawyers in Lake Charles, we understand your need for a speedy outcome of your personal injury lawsuit to ensure you can pay your medical bills on time.

Our team of skilled lawyers has experience in successfully handling a wide range of personal injury cases. We have helped our clients get the best possible compensation entitled by the Louisiana state law, including lost wages, and the past and future medical expenses they deserve. Only an experienced accident attorney will handle your case from the beginning, making a note of the smallest details and ensuring to build a flawless case. We will leave no stone unturned in helping you get your life back on track.

Representing Clients from across Lake Charles

Located on Ford Street, Johnson personal injury law firm caters to clients across Lake Charles area. We have been offering legal services for all types of personal injury cases, ranging from slip-and-falls to car accidents for more than 30 years.

We know that every personal injury case is unique. So, our team pays personal attention to each case. You can talk to our experienced attorneys directly, who will evaluate your situation thoroughly before deciding the next course of action.

Our job is to simplify your legal claim process and help you get fair compensation as quickly as possible. While our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys try to resolve cases through negotiations, we are fully equipped to take it to trial if the insurance company is trying to force you to settle for as little as possible. We help you understand your best legal options.

Do You Need Compensation for an Injury? We Can Help.

It is your right to receive compensation for a personal injury resulting from negligence or accident. You can get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, disfigurement, and rehabilitation, among others.

As a trustworthy personal injury law firm, it is our responsibility to make sure you get the right amount of compensation. However, we don’t want to worsen to your already delicate financial situation after a traumatic injury. Our motto is simple. We don’t get paid until you do. In other words, we don’t charge you until your compensation comes through.

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An injury can impact your life tremendously. Every type of injury that happens as a result of someone else’s negligence requires the attention of an experienced attorney.

  • Mr. Johnson was highly skilled in negotiating with the insurance company and not taking anything less than what we deserved. He took on my case personally and protected my family.

    CHARLES, Plant Employee
  • Professional attorneys like Jonathan are hard to find, and that's why I am very thankful for his work. I would highly recommend him and The Johnson Firm.

    SHELBY, Student
  • I found Jonathan a delight to work with. He is professional, knowledgeable, and cares deeply about the wellbeing of his clients. He wants what’s best for his clients and will fight for them.

    AARON, Financial Services
  • When you’re in an accident, having confidence in your attorney is critical. I never, for once, questioned the way Mr. Johnson went about handling my case. He’s skilled, compassionate, and made sure I was taken care of. There’s no attorney I trust more.

    MARK, Educator
  • From the beginning of the legal process, Jonathan’s compassion, knowledge, and attention to detail were beyond excellent.

    Shelby, Student
  • Jonathan kept me informed on all matters and was honest and comforting when answering any questions or aiding in decisions.

    SHELBY, Student