Work Accident due to Third-Party Negligence? Here Are Your Options

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All of the petrochemical plants and manufacturing facilities in the Lake Charles area have workplace safety guidelines. If you work in one of these industries, you know they are heavily regulated.

Still, serious workplace accidents do occur, and injured workers and their families often encounter obstacles when trying to get the compensation they need for medical bills, lost income, and other costs. While workers’ compensation may be helpful in many cases, accidents that happen as a result of third-party negligence can be significantly more complicated.

When is a third-party claim appropriate?

Busy industrial workplaces are characterized in part by the comings and goings of many workers, not all of whom are employed by the same employer. There may be transport industry workers, contractors and others who work alongside employees of the plant. Additionally, manufacturers of dangerous work equipment may play a role in an accident if the equipment is defective.

When a third-party’s negligence — or the employer’s negligence — results in serious injury, the injured worker’s best option for obtaining financial relief may be a negligence lawsuit against the responsible party. This kind of legal action is in addition to any workers’ compensation claim the employee may have filed.

Third-party liability claims are common after major accidents such as plant explosions and chemical exposures. These kinds of workplace accidents can have devastating consequences, and workers need to be aware of every option for obtaining the maximum available compensation.

A careful investigation is crucial

A successful third-party negligence claim typically requires a thorough investigation to determine exactly what caused the accident and who is liable. In many cases, victims and their families have to go up against powerful companies with extensive legal resources. If you were injured at work due to third-party negligence, you can be sure that the other party’s insurer is already working to minimize or deny compensation to you.

It becomes necessary, then, to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side to build a strong case on your behalf.

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