Internet Crimes Attorney Lake Charles

Internet Crimes Attorney Lake Charles

internet crimes attorney lake charles

Technological advancements have resulted in a steep rise in internet usage and, therefore, a rise in internet crimes. Laws differ, but our internet crimes lawyers in Lake Charles are well-versed in the federal and state statutes regarding these violations. Attorneys at The Johnson Firm stay on top of updates and handle each case diligently.

Internet Crimes Defense Attorney in Lake Charles

The penalty for a conviction in an internet crime case can include jail time or lifetime registry as an offender. An individual charged with an internet crime will need the support of an experienced internet crime attorney to protect rights with an aggressive defense. We at The Johnson Firm have extensive experience in fighting such crimes in federal and state courts. Our pool of expert lawyers provides detailed assistance to secure charges related to internet crimes.

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Internet Crimes Include

The internet can facilitate criminal behavior. However, defense lawyers will have a tough time looking for evidence and protecting the rights of the offender.

The challenges in computer fraud are:

  • Complications in obtaining evidence due to encryption techniques and computer storage.
  • A few factors of internet crime may fall into hearsay, not admissible during a trial.
  • Legal issues that need to be untangled when dealing with service providers.

Our team of Lake Charles criminal defense lawyers at The Johnson Firm is equipped with the expertise to deal with the above-mentioned complexities. We defend our clients for internet crimes like:

  • Online identity theft
  • Online credit card fraud
  • White-collar computer crimes
  • Computer hacking
  • Possessing/accessing child pornography
  • Selling/sharing/distributing child pornography
  • Internet-related sex crimes

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Our internet crimes lawyers in Lake Charles provide legal guidance to defend your rights. Contact us at 910 Ford Street, Lake Charles 70601 or call us at 337.433.1414.

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