While accolades are nice to have (and Adam Johnson certainly has them), what distinguishes this criminal defense attorney is heart. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate, authentic, faith-inspired, and purpose driven. Marked evidence of this is his response to the frequent question, “What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?” to which he consistently responds, “I couldn’t be more honored to be ‘the one’ who rushes to someone’s aid in often their most desperate, prevailingly fearful, and uncertain moments.” To that end, if you were to encapsulate Adam’s energy and conviction when it comes to his work, it would be expressed as: He considers it his divinely architected life assignment to ensure those wrongly convicted, underrepresented, or overcharged receive the just defense they rightly deserve.

As a result, Adam has garnered a reputation as an intensely prepared, zealous advocate who places the interests of his clients first. He represents those charged with serious offenses as well as minor ones and invests the same work ethic into every case and valued person behind it. Because of this, he has achieved a series of overturned convictions, including multiple life sentences, on behalf of clients seeking post-conviction relief, and through relentless investigation and attention to detail, revealed exculpatory evidence suppressed by the State that ultimately proved innocence. He has also taken multiple cases before a jury, in both State and Federal courts, with every case to-date resulting in not guilty verdicts. Further, he has successfully argued various cases before the Louisiana Supreme Court, proving to be a formidable force that has compelled expansion of precedent law.  

Adam earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Louisiana State University and Juris Doctorate from Southern University. After clerking for the Honorable Judge Robert Wyatt and the Honorable Judge Ronald Ware, he joined his father, Terry, and brother, Jonathan, at The Johnson Firm in 2009. The firm’s team of attorneys specialize in family, criminal defense, and personal injury law, and construction of their new 10,000 ft facility is underway.

Adam is married to Ashley (Leonards) Johnson, principal of T.H. Watkins Elementary School. They have three sons: Jack, James and John Paul and are active members of Trinity Baptist Church. Adam is also President-Elect of the SWLA Bar Association, and prior to this, held the role of the Young Lawyers Division President. He also serves on the Louisiana State Bar Association House of Delegates and has received multiple awards, including both the LSBA Leadership and President Awards. Adam also takes great pride in assisting with writing the Criminal Law section of the Louisiana State Bar Exam.

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