Top Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

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Making the move to a Louisiana nursing home may have been a difficult transition for your loved one, and for you, as well. As time goes by, you hope to see that he or she has settled in and is feeling comfortable and well cared for, but even if you visit frequently, you may not be satisfied that this is so. provides some warning signs that may speak louder than words when a nursing home resident is the victim of neglect or abuse.

Recognizing an Abusive Caregiver

1. Physical abuse

Although accidents happen, and elderly people are often more susceptible to injury due to their frailty or poor health, a resident who is suffering from abuse may develop bed sores or have other wounds or bruises. Signs of restraint around the wrists or ankles or symmetrical bruising are also serious indicators. If the abuse is sexual in nature, the bruises may be located around genitals or breasts, and there may be unexplained bleeding.

2. Psychological abuse

Bullying, intimidation, threats, humiliation and isolation are all forms of psychological abuse, and as a result, your loved one may become withdrawn, suffer mood swings or depression, or even seem to undergo personality changes. Dementia behaviors such as mumbling and rocking could actually be caused by the abuse too.

In assessing the situation, watch for indications that the facility is understaffed, or that caregivers are not trained adequately or suffer from considerable workplace stress. These are significant risk factors that someone may become an abuser. This information is provided for your education, but should not be taken as medical or legal advice.

Adult Care Negligence Lawsuit

Abusing and neglecting the needs of an adult is a serious matter. If you notice any of the above physical and/or psychological symptoms in your loved one staying at a nursing home facility, it could mean they’re being victimized by their so-called caregiver. Don’t suffer in silence. We will help you file an adult care negligence lawsuit and fight to bring you justice.

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