What is considered self defense in Louisiana?

What is Considered Self Defense in Louisiana?

How Louisiana State Law Defines Self-Defense 

what is considered self defense in louisianaCircumstances in which self-defense is justifiable are outlined in LA R.S. 14:18. Circumstances in which use of force or violence can be used are outline in LA R.S. 14:19. LA R.S. 14:20, also known as the “Stand Your Ground” law, outlines the circumstances in which homicide can be found justifiable. One must understand that the use of deadly force in self-defense can be legal or illegal, depending on the circumstances and the details of the incident.

Louisiana law allows a person to use reasonable or defensive force against an aggressor as protection from bodily harm or death. Self-defense can be used in protection for themselves or a family member.

Self-defense laws in Louisiana are complex by nature. Each incident involving self-defense will be thoroughly analyzed to determine whether self-defense was justifiable.

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When Is Self-Defense Needed? 

Self-defense is outlined in Louisiana state law to keep people alive and/or minimize or eliminate bodily harm when it is needed most. The most common situations when self-defense is used include those that involve assault, battery, and homicide. Whether it is justified will be determined by the court.

To justifiably use self-defense by law, four elements must be proven:

  1. The attack must be unprovoked.
  2. There must be an imminent injury or death.
  3. There must be a reasonable degree of force used against you or a loved one.
  4. There must be a reasonable fear of injury.

Every Case Is Different 

When determining whether self-defense was justifiable, details of the case are vital. Such as, how the incident began, how much force was used, if any change in force, etc.  While it’s best for the defender to not be involved in the provocation of the aggressor, there are certain circumstances where self-defense can still be justified after a defender provokes an aggressor.

 How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help 

If you’ve been involved in an incident that required the use of self-defense, it is in your best interest to hire a top criminal defense attorney. You may be facing severe charges, such as criminal homicide/murder, which can change the course of your life if you are proven guilty.

Choose a criminal defense attorney with years of experience and a record of success. We will help you form the strongest defense possible to prove that your self-defense was justifiable. Our private investigator will also tirelessly investigate every detail of your case.

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