How do I hire a criminal defense attorney?


criminal defense attorneyIf you are facing a criminal charge, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. Whether you have never hired an attorney before or you are unsure of what kind of attorney to look for, it’s important to know how to hire a criminal defense attorney.

To find the right attorney for you and your specific case, identify your needs, search for candidates, look into accolades and experience, and get a consultation. After these steps, you will have found a great criminal defense attorney that you can trust to represent you and help you get the best results possible.

Identify Your Needs 

What is your role in the case and what charges are you up against? Are you facing state criminal charges or federal criminal charges? Is there a good chance that your case will go to trial?

By defining your needs upfront, you can ask the candidate(s) the right questions. Some defense attorneys are experienced in both state and federal charges, while others stick to one or the other. Some work in specific areas of law, rather than many areas. It’s important that your attorney is highly experienced in the type of case that you are involved in.

Search for the Right Candidate

Once you’ve honed in on your exact needs, you’ll need to search for the right candidate for you. You may consider asking family and friends if they know of a great attorney, or you could even ask an attorney you’ve worked with in the past. Beyond referrals, you can utilize tools and websites to find a great attorney for your case.

When using the internet to search for an attorney, try and lookup notable victories in cases they have been involved in. Additionally, a simple search on Google or Bing will display attorneys near you. Choosing an attorney that is close to your home or work will be important since you will likely be meeting at their office several times throughout your case.

Review Experience, Reputation, and Ratings

During your search, browse through potential attorney’s websites, look at their social media pages, and get an overall feel for their personality, work, and success. Many of the online directory websites, as well as their Google and Bing profiles, will show different reviews and ratings, which can help you gauge their success with past clients and what it is like to work with them.

During a serious, high-stakes case, it’s especially important to work with a trustworthy criminal defense attorney that is reputable in your community. Many attorneys also show their success stats and case results on their website or other profiles. If they have great experience and success in similar cases, you know they will do a great job for you.

Additionally, you may take note of different local organizations they back or are a part of. Great candidates will be involved in the community and may be a part of charitable organizations, community groups, business groups, local events, and fundraisers.

 Get a Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed your search down, the next step is to get a consultation. A consultation is the most important step in finding and hiring the right criminal defense attorney. The consultation will be an in-person meeting with the attorney to review your case, discuss your needs, and learn how they can help you.

You will get to know each other and find out what working together would look like. You will find out what other team members will be helping you with your case, and what steps you will be taking together throughout the case. You will want to have a solid idea of the path they recommend to take for your case and the potential results you might get. Make sure that there are no guarantees or promises.

For a productive consultation, come equipped with all of the details and documents of your case for review. Plus, write down any questions that you have to ask the lawyer. You may ask questions about their practice and their history, in addition to questions about your case.

You’ll also want to discuss payment and review any contracts you may be signing. Will you be making any payments upfront? How will the payment terms work? Understanding the terms and conditions of the agreement from the beginning will help you feel comfortable throughout the process and will help you know whether or not they align with your situation.

Hire Your Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Once you’ve found the right candidate and met with them to iron out the details of your partnership, you can hire your attorney. You will sign an agreement and plan out your next steps. You can then begin to take action together to resolve your case.

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