Vehicular Homicide

Lake Charles Vehicular Homicide Defense Attorney

We understand the challenges in defending vehicular homicide cases. Our experienced vehicular homicide attorneys have defended several cases of vehicular homicide including capital murder cases. We trust that the accused deserves an effective defense, especially when the accident is due to the negligence of another person.

Lake Charles Lawyers Build a Strong Defense against Charges for Vehicular Crimes

We believe in a team approach to deal with each case. The investigation begins with a detailed discussion that involves experts and professionals to combat the prosecution. These professionals include firearms experts, forensic experts, crime lab professionals, social service workers, and psychologists. Their intervention is important as they can drill into the state’s evidence, cast doubt, and provide alternative interpretations for various test results. We also strive hard to humanize the accused and dispel misconceptions of the jury members.


Defending against Charges for Vehicular Crimes

According to the statute of Louisiana, intent is not required for vehicular homicide. It is defined as the killing of a human due to the negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

The penalties for such a crime are:

  • A fine between $2000 and $15000, and 30 years in prison.
  • A minimum of 3 years in prison without any chances for suspension of the sentence.
  • If there is a presence of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), the accused will be imposed with a minimum of 5 years jail time.

Our experts begin with a prompt investigation into the case that includes identifying, locating, and interviewing all major evidence. Our lawyers also ensure that the accused is provided a peek into what to expect during interrogation and how to defend rights while responding to investigators.


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