Motorcyclist Shari Akins killed in collision on LA 70


While traffic lights usually aren’t taken for granted, other road signals put in place in order to safeguard drivers can be overlooked. Stop signs, oncoming bump displays, or yield warnings are often taken for granted, as a driver may not see any incumbrances to their path directly ahead.

One of those situations appears to have played out during the evening of May 28 on LA 70 at the intersection of Verret Street. Reports indicate that 34-year-old Craig Aucoin was heading north on Verret Street in his 2019 Nissan Altima. He encountered a stop sign at the intersection but did not come to a complete halt.

As a result, the Altima collided with a 2005 Honda motorcycle driven by 44-year-old Shari Akins. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment of serious injuries and did not survive the crash.

Akins was wearing a DOT-approved helmet, which is a topic of conversation that has been front and center in recent years. 

It’s not clear why Aucoin did not acceptably yield to the stop sign. Reports indicate that he was not intoxicated, as the 34-year-old consented to a breath test. However, his license was suspended at the time of the accident for reasons currently unknown.

The investigation of this incident is still ongoing. 

By most accounts released thus far, it seemed like the accident could have been avoided had road rules been followed. It’s a reminder that signage and signals are there for the community’s protection at large.

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