Eight wounded At Lake Charles bar, Damien Guidry, Jr. charged with attempted murder


The early morning hours of November 30 started like any other day at VVS1 Hookah Lounge. However, things would get out of hand after midnight, and eight people departed the premises with injuries caused by gunfire.

21-year-old Damien Deshone Guidry, Jr. was arrested later that day and was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center. He was charged with seven counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of inciting to riot. 

After the incident, the suspect fled the bar in a gray Buick Enclave, which was parked close to the area. The vehicle was also located later that day, and weapons were found inside. A .223 rifle and a .762 rifle were present in the Enclave.

The recovery status of the victims is coming out slowly. Some seem to have fared better than others during this incident, and the eight people injured took different means to get to medical facilities.

In the chaos that ensued, some victims were rushed to the hospital via private transportation. An Acadian ambulance picked up one victim, and the police took two others to the hospital.

Two victims were already released from the hospital as of that morning, but the remaining six who were wounded remained in medical care. Three were described to be in critical condition, while the other half were said to be in stable condition. 

The Johnson Firm is hopeful for a speedy and full recovery of the remaining residents in the hospital. If you or someone you love is the victim of a violent crime, please call us at (337) 433-1414.

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