Lake Charles Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody is a stressful part of a divorce process. It is best to opt for legal assistance to resolve such controversial issues with a focus on the best interests of children involved. At The Johnson Firm, a team of expert child custody lawyers works through litigation and negotiation to obtain a favorable outcome in child custody cases. We work diligently to establish a custody arrangement that is best for the children.

Determining Child Custody in Lake Charles

There are two types of custody that are determined. Physical custody involves the place the child will reside in. The parent with legal custody has the right to take important decisions about education, health, and upbringing.

The law doesn’t assume that the child will be better with the mother. It provides equal rights to the non-custodial parent with privileges of visitation for the benefit of the child.

At The Johnson Firm, we trust that the psychological well-being of a child is important and seek help from child psychologists, parent facilitators, and psychological custody evaluators, if required to deal with a case.

Factors the Courts Consider to Determine Child Custody

Equipped with wide exposure in child custody cases, our team of lawyers has helped several parents win child custody rights by putting forward convincing arguments. Depending on the age of the child, his/her interest will also be taken into consideration. The following aspects determine child custody in Lake Charles:

  • Parent’s financial ability to provide necessities like food, shelter, and care.
  • Mental and physical health of the parent.
  • The moral fitness of the parent.
  • The ability of the parent to provide schooling and education.

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You’ll want a partner and advocate who can confidently maneuver the emotional and financial intricacies of any family law matter. From custody, child support, and community property, to adoption and prenuptial agreements, we’re committed to protecting you and the best interests of your family.