Cars Receiving Poor Marks in Safety Tests Could Cause Lake Charles Car Accidents

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When you go to a Lake Charles car dealer, you are likely to have several factors in mind as you search for a vehicle to fit your needs. Many buyers are looking not only for an attractive car, pick-up or SUV, but also one that has good gas mileage, low maintenance and a record of reliability. 

Many consumers – especially those who have children – are also looking for a vehicle that will help prevent injuries in motor vehicle crashes. A recent news report says that two mid-sized vehicles that safety-conscious purchasers should steer away from are the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Both mid-sized SUVs received overall “poor” marks in crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

Eight SUVs underwent tests to determine how well the vehicles would protect occupants when the vehicles’ front corner hit a tree, pole or another vehicle at 40 miles per hour. A spokesperson for the IIHS said, “some vehicles in this group offer very good protection, in other models, the airbags, safety belts and structure showed serious deficiencies.” 

He said that in those models, front-seat passengers are at elevated risks of head injuries or injuries to hips or legs in a right-side, front-corner wreck. 

Six aspects of performance were measured in the crash tests: the likelihood of injuries to the head and neck, chest, hip and thigs, as well as injuries to lower legs and feet. The tests also determined the impact of the crash on the vehicle’s structure and the effectiveness of occupant restraints. 

The Explorer’s “poor” rating was due to the damage done to the vehicle on the passenger side that made hip and lower leg injuries more likely. The Grand Cherokee’s “poor” was due to possible head and leg injuries. 

Those who have been in motor vehicle crashes caused by another driver’s negligence or recklessness should speak about compensation for damages with an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation. Our experienced Lake Charles car accident lawyers are here to help you get what you deserve. 

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