Research: distracted drivers think they’re ‘extremely safe’

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It’s a common sight around Lake Charles: drivers with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand holding a phone to an ear. It’s clear when watching their animated expressions and gestures that they’re enjoying their conversation – and that they’re not paying attention to other vehicles or traffic signs.

New research reveals a strange twist: when asked to assess their driving, the most distracted drivers of all tend to rate themselves “extremely safe.” They ignore reality as easily as they ignore traffic. And the reality of distracted driving is that using your phone for talking, texting or entertainment while you’re driving makes you much more likely to end up paying compensation to accident victims.

Zendrive collects data from approximately 60 million phones, helping insurers, trucking companies, and others assess the risks that individual drivers pose.

Zendrive CEO Jonathan Matus said the results of the research are “just terrifying.” It’s clear from the data that people are using their cellphones while driving, not less. “We’ve built these highly addictive experiences and people can’t help themselves.”

Matus knows a bit about “these highly addictive experiences.” After all, he helped develop Facebook’s mobile app.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics also monitors phone data for insurers. According to the company’s own research, distracted driving can drop by 35 percent among drivers who check their data regularly. When drivers see how much they’re using their devices while they’re behind the wheel, they tend to start paying more attention to driving.

“Just seeing the results helps,” said a Cambridge marketing executive. “It’s almost like going into a restaurant and being able to see calories on a menu.”

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