Lake Charles Woman Killed in Pedestrian Car Accident

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No matter how vigilant and careful Lake Charles pedestrians are, each is still subject to risks at the hands of motorists who may fail to pay attention. This is true both at home in Louisiana and when visiting other states. 

Distractions including phone use, eating, talking and even fatigue can cloud a driver’s ability to be observant of pedestrians who may be crossing the street. Other factors like poor visibility can also reduce a motorist’s awareness of pedestrians. 

In a recent tragedy with local ties, a Lake Charles woman was struck and killed in an auto-pedestrian accident as she was crossing a street in the early morning hours while visiting Florida. 

The driver who hit her remained on the scene and cooperated with the investigation. The thoroughfare along which the woman was killed is a popular area dotted with restaurants and various entertainment venues. Authorities urged both motorists and pedestrians to be extra cautious when traveling through the area since both vehicle and pedestrian traffic is especially high around the businesses. 

The woman was one of three people who were hit and killed in the same area within the last month. As a result of the accident, traffic was heavily delayed while investigators worked to figure out exactly what happened. 

The fatal pedestrian accident is a reminder that drivers must always be on the lookout for pedestrians, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. It is also a reminder that people on foot should not trust that drivers will see them, especially when visibility is poor due to darkness or weather. 

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