How do I get a bench warrant recalled in Louisiana?

How do I get a bench warrant recalled in Louisiana?

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It’s possible for a judge to recall your bench warrant, but only if you handle the issue promptly and appropriately. That means speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. In some cases, an attorney must be present in order for the judge to rule in your favor, so don’t delay.

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Bench Warrant v. Arrest Warrant

There are two main types of warrants in Louisiana: bench warrants and arrest warrants. Both are very serious and can have severe consequences if you don’t react promptly.

A bench warrant is issued by a judge and allows law enforcement to arrest you and bring you to court. The most common reason a bench warrant is issued is for failure to appear at a hearing if your attendance was required. A bench warrant requires that you attend a court hearing and may result in fines, jail time, or other penalties. A bench warrant will not go away until it’s been “answered” in court or recalled by the judge.

On the other hand, if there is a warrant for someone’s arrest, police have already investigated, established probable cause, and presented their evidence to a judge, who will then sign or issue the warrant. At this point, you could be arrested at any time and booked into jail.

What to do if You’ve Been Issued a Bench Warrant

Not all parishes will notify you that a bench warrant was issued if you missed your court hearing. If you think you missed a hearing, call the courthouse where your charges were filed to find out if one was issued and to get your next court date. If you’ve been issued a bench warrant, follow these simple steps.

1. Understand the charges that were filed against you.

Although timeliness is key in getting any bench warrant recalled, time can be more crucial depending on the charges that have been filed against you. It’s important that you know the charges, especially if they’re charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, before you hire an attorney so that you can give them as much information as possible during your consultation.

2. Hire an experienced attorney.

Don’t risk paying heavy fines or going to jail by trying to handle a bench warrant on your own–call an experienced criminal defense attorney. A court appearance is required to get a bench warrant recalled. An attorney who is familiar with your judge has a higher chance of getting your warrant recalled.

3. Go to court.

A bench warrant can only be recalled in open court if the judge decides to recall it. If your bench warrant is on a misdemeanor charge, your attorney may appear in court without you to present your case and ask the court to recall the warrant. If your bench warrant is a result of felony charges, your personal appearance in court will be required alongside your attorney.

Arrested or issued a bench warrant in Louisiana? Our criminal defense attorneys can help.

It’s crucial to hire a Lake Charles criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, because a timely response might lessen or altogether limit the severity of your fines and/or jail time.

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