Does past drug use affect child custody?

Does past drug use affect child custody?

Facing the question, “Does past drug use affect child custody?” in Lake Charles, Louisiana, can be complicated unless you consult with an experienced lawyer. You can discuss your legal options by partnering with a Lake Charles child custody attorney.

The Johnson Firm has attorneys on staff who can help you with your child custody case. To learn more, reach out to us. In the meantime, check out our answers below to some of the most common questions we get about recreational drug use and child custody.

recreational drug use and child custody

How can drug use affect child custody?

According to research, parental substance misuse may indicate a family is dealing with various issues, such as poor physical or mental health, family or domestic violence, or poverty.

Use of drugs or alcohol may prompt an investigation by the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS). Additionally, DCFS may perform a parental screening or in-home assessment to determine if a child is subject to neglect or abuse. Also, kids may be placed in foster care due to parental drug or alcohol use that leads to neglect or abuse.

Can protective services take my child away due to drug use?

Yes. If a child welfare worker believes a parent is abusing drugs and poses a significant risk to their child, they may remove them from their care.

Can one parent accuse the other of drug use in a child custody case?

Yes. Unfortunately, in a custody case, one parent may accuse the other of drug use and other problems, regardless of whether they are actually dealing with them. If the parent in your case accuses you of something, you’re responsible for doing everything possible to dispute the claim. At the same time, the other parent is responsible for proving you’re committing any negligent acts that could compromise your ability to care for your child.

Should I personally accuse the other parent of drug use?

Absolutely not. If you have concerns that the other parent in your custody case is abusing drugs or neglecting or abusing your child in any way, notify DCFS. You can file a report with the department online or contact them 24/7 at (855) 4LA-KIDS (452-5437).

How can you prove the other parent is abusing drugs?

A court-ordered drug test for child custody may be used. The court may order this test if a parent has a history of drug use, or the court may request the test if there’s reasonable doubt about a parent’s ability to stay sober or if there’s evidence that this individual may be abusing drugs.

The Johnson Firm takes drug charges and child custody cases seriously. Our team can review your custody case and help you determine the best action.

What should I do if I’ve been accused of drug use?

Partner with a child custody attorney in Lake Charles. You and your lawyer can review any allegations made against you and craft a legal strategy to dispute them. Plus, your attorney can help you prepare a compelling argument that makes it clear to the court that you are a fit parent and should not lose custody of your child.

Where can I find a lawyer to represent me in my child custody case?

The Johnson Firm has an outstanding reputation in child custody cases in Lake Charles. If you have been accused of drug use that could put the custody of your child in danger, we are here to help you out. Contact us online or at (337) 433-1414 to learn more.

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