18-year-old Harry Pendleton III, 19-year-old Chelsey Ned arrested in Pirate Festival shooting


On the evening of May 6, many attendees of the Louisiana Pirate Festival were left stunned and scared after shots rang out at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

“Me and my mom were sitting in the truck and then I looked to my left and I heard gunshots, and I see the guy running,” said festival-goer Emma Haynie. “Then I see the cop take off and then the car just took off. Mom told me to get down. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to react to it.” Via KPLCTV.com

Two teenagers were arrested after the commotion took place: 18-year-old Harry Pendleton III and 19-year-old Chelsey Ned. It was reported that Pendleton III fired the gun and Ned drove the escape vehicle. 

The two did not get far thanks to the congestion in the Civic Center and outside of the venue. Even after the incident was under control, people decided to depart the festival.

“I think we’re going to leave now,” said Brandon Vincent. “I have two little kids, and, hearing about gunshots, I mean, yeah, it’s kind of scary.” Via KPLCTV.com.

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