72-Year-Old Claude Chevis Killed in Stop Sign Accident


Many drivers can relate to Willis Curley’s July 4th weekend strategy when it comes to stop sign regulations. Everyone has somewhere to go, and wants to get there as fast as possible. As a result, some folks behind the wheel never truly stop when encountering the red-and-white octagons; rather, they roll into an intersection only slightly slower than they were driving before.

In a lot of cases, this results in a “no harm, no foul” scenario if there are no nearby pedestrians or oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, Curley’s failure to observe a stop sign on Saturday, July 2 at the intersection of Louisiana Highway 754 and Jessie Richard Road tragically ended another driver’s life. His GMC Sierra collided with the Chevrolet Silverado being driven by 72-year-old Claude Chevis. Although Chevis was wearing his seatbelt, the impact of the crash from the passenger side resulted in fatal injuries for the senior citizen. 

An investigation of the circumstances leading up to the accident remains ongoing. Toxicology samples were obtained from both men after the crash. Curley did sustain moderate injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery. 

Since the accident took place, the Louisiana State Police are reminding the public that this motor vehicle fatality was 100% preventable. Traffic lights and signs exist to protect the public, and should be strictly obeyed at all times. Even a slight deviation from the laws in place can result in someone suffering a serious injury or even death. 

Troop I’s division has investigated 21 crashes involving a fatality in 2022.

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