76-year-old Evergreen resident killed in single-vehicle crash


76-year-old Ronald V. Turner was driving southbound on Louisiana Highway 361 on March 19 when he experienced a terrifying series of events.

His 2012 Chevy Cruze was unable to maintain its trajectory on Highway 361 and proceeded to veer off of the roadway. The car tumbled down into the embankment and flipped over, eventually coming to rest on its roof. 

No other cars were involved, so the cause of the crash seems to rely solely on what Turner was doing inside the vehicle. However, reports state that Turner was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the incident, despite its fatal result.

Louisiana State Police found Turner deceased at the scene of the incident. The investigation remains ongoing, as toxicology samples and collected at the location of the accident, and are being analyzed for its components.

Authorities would like to remind the neighborhood that it’s important to remain solely focused on the road when behind the wheel of a car. It has not been confirmed that this is what led to Turner’s accident, but law enforcement would like to take the time to communicate that message to the public.

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