Allison Miller steals family truck, shoots two people in frantic escape


Winter weather preparation took a swift turn for a Louisiana family on the afternoon of December 22.

A few family members were turning off the water in their office building when a relative of theirs decided to take off with their mode of transportation. 28-year-old Allison N. Miller was waiting inside the truck when she elected to grab the wheel and drive off. 

Miller’s family members raced outside and witnessed her backing up quickly into a ditch where they were standing. One of them tried to stop Miller by approaching her on the driver’s side door, which is when Miller picked up a handgun inside the truck and shot. Miller’s shots grazed the family member in the forehead. 

After this frantic scene, Miller put the truck into drive and sped off. She zoomed down Christman Road and rear-ended a car on Thompson Road. She didn’t stop there, as she barreled down Highway 90 in Jefferson Davis Parish. Miller eventually flipped the truck after she crashed into a second vehicle.

When a witness tried to approach the location of the accident, Miller took the gun and shot the bystander, with the goal of stealing another truck at gunpoint.

She was apprehended shortly thereafter, and was booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center.

The family members who went to shut off the water valves have not been identified by name. They commented that Miller was likely under the influence of drugs and had been acting strangely that day.

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