Four-year-old boy struck and killed by mail truck in driveway


A tragic event took place in the late afternoon hours of February 9. A four year-old boy was playing near his home on Joan Street, riding his scooter on the block. His travels led him to a nearby neighbor’s driveway. 

While he was in that driveway, a mail truck wanted to execute a course-correction at an area near the end of the dead-end street. To accomplish this, it backed into the same driveway the little boy was located in.

The driver of the mail truck didn’t see the young child, who was struck. The boy was transported to a hospital in the area, and died from his injuries. 

“This is a heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved,” said Sheriff Tony Mancuso. “Impairment is not suspected, but as mandated by state law, a toxicology report will be conducted on the driver.” Via

It’s not currently known where the boy’s legal guardian(s) were at the time of the accident.

This occurrence also serves as a gripping reminder for drivers as well, to be cognizant of their surroundings, especially when backing or turning into someone else’s property.

The Johnson Firm is saddened to learn of the death of the boy, and expresses our condolences to his friends and family. We stand ready as a resource to assist victims of motor vehicle accidents, and can be reached at (337) 433-1414.