Lake Charles Man Found Guilty of Murdering Wife


Edwina Harmon Campbell’s life was taken at the hands of her husband in a horrifying scene only three years ago in May 2019. After deliberating for only approximately two hours on September 30, 2022, the jury found Harold Campbell guilty of murdering his wife by shooting her seven times. Harold was sentenced to life in prison last week for his actions.

The husband defended his actions that day, telling law enforcement after the May 2019 incident that he thought he was shooting an intruder. However, audio tapes collected from police body cameras picked up Harold Campbell saying that “he couldn’t take it no more” after being apprehended.

As the investigation unfolded, it was a very disturbing turn of events that greatly differed from Harold’s initial “intruder” story. Edwina’s hands were intertwined, almost as if she was praying for her well-being. The couple’s two daughters were also in the house during the incident and testified at the hearing.

Multiple reports seem to indicate that Harold Campbell was a heavy drinker, which was a point of contention that caused frequent arguments between him and his spouse. 

Edwina’s sister Marva provided a gruesome take on what took place.

“After the third shot, if he would have just stopped, she would still be here,” Marva Harmon said. “She would still be living. We wouldn’t be here today if he would have just stopped. But apparently, he wanted her dead.” Via

Reports indicate that Harold Campbell and his defense team intend to appeal the life sentence ruling.

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