Trailer towing solar panels catches fire on I-49


Cities across the country are exploring alternative forms of energy, such as solar power to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources.

Solar energy could prove to be a game-changing advancement for the economy and drivers everywhere. However, an incident that took place during the morning hours of April 3 on Interstate 49 might put a halt to that idea.

A pickup truck towing a trailer with solar panels caught on fire as it traveled southbound. When personnel got to the scene, they found the 2021 Ford F-150 completely engulfed in flames.

According to reports, the only person was the driver of the F-150 who received medical attention at the scene for smoke inhalation. The individual did not need to be transported to the hospital but was advised to visit a medical practitioner as a follow-up measure.

The fire spread into the grass of the median of the highway, which was put out shortly thereafter. The incident caused minor delays on the roadway before traffic would return to normal.

It’s not clear what started the fire, but investigators will likely take a long look at what was present inside the trailer, and whether the heat absorbed by the solar panels contributed in any way.

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