I was injured in a car accident with no health insurance. What should I do?

I was injured in a car accident with no health insurance. What should I do?

Very few car accidents leave you with no injuries at all. Even a minor fender-bender where someone bumps you from behind could lead to whiplash or other conditions. Yet, if you were injured in a car accident with no health insurance, what should you do?

If you are the victim of another driver’s negligence, then you may be eligible to seek compensation from their automotive insurance. In Louisiana, the Lake Charles car accident lawyers at The Johnson Firm can help you understand the state’s fault policy for car crashes. Contact us to learn more during a free consultation.

injured in car accident no health insurance

How do insurance and fault work in Lake Charles?

In Louisiana, car insurance is required for every driver. This is because we are in a “fault” state, meaning any person who causes an accident is financially responsible for the injuries and property damage resulting from the crash. You may have your own auto insurance, which you can turn to in certain circumstances, but even if you are injured in a car accident with no health insurance, you have options.

The Louisiana Department of Insurance requires minimum amounts of liability coverage for every person operating a vehicle. These amounts are:

  • $15,000 bodily injury coverage for one person
  • $30,000 bodily injury coverage for a single accident
  • $25,000 coverage for property damage

So, your first choice will probably be to file a claim against their policy to cover your medical expenses, as well as any damage to your car or personal property. One problem with this approach is that the costs of healthcare and auto repair are so high these days that your bills will probably exceed the other driver’s coverage.

Medical payments coverage

One way to get more help if you were hurt with no health insurance is to carry your own medical coverage with your auto insurance. This policy pays your bills for hospital and doctor expenses up to the limit of the coverage. It pays for not only your injuries but also those of anyone in your car when the accident occurred.

What if I also don’t have auto insurance?

Unfortunately, anyone driving without mandatory liability insurance risks not getting full compensation for an insurance claim. The “No Pay, No Play” statute prevents you from receiving the first $15,000 for medical bills and $25,000 for property damage from insurance claims if you do not have insurance.

Understanding how this might affect your ability to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver is very complicated. There are exceptions to this rule that may apply.  You should protect your interests and rights by speaking with a skilled car accident attorney in Lake Charles, LA.

Don’t take chances with your injuries after a car accident

The law and the insurance industry are very complex, and it can be hard to figure out what to do when you are also in pain from your injuries. Instead, you can speak to an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake Charles, LA, from The Johnson Firm. We are ready to listen to your circumstances in a free initial case review and give you our best advice.

We can help you determine who is at fault, what you can do about it, and whether you should file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit to recover all your damages. Don’t risk losing your case because the insurance company lawyers count on you being uninformed. Let our team help you identify ways to get your injuries taken care of without facing financial instability.

Contact us by calling (337) 433-1414 or using our contact form to schedule a free consultation today.

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