What can I do if the other driver is denying liability in our car accident?

What can I do if the other driver is denying liability in our car accident?

Two drivers in a rear-end car accident observe and discuss the damage to their vehiclesIf you were injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else, naturally you expect to have your vehicle repaired and injuries paid for with little to no trouble. But occasionally, the at-fault party or his/her insurer tries denying liability for the car accident.

If this happens, don’t panic or assume you don’t have a case; call one of our experienced Lake Charles car accident lawyers for assistance. We’ll work to prove that the other party caused the crash that led to your injuries, and will work to prevent their insurance company from denying or devaluing your claim.

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Keep reading to find out what you can do if the other party denies responsibility for the crash.

Can we start with being pre-emptive? People should absolutely never assume that the other side is going to play fair or be truthful about what happened. Document everything. Take photographs. Talk to witnesses and ask them to write down what they saw and hand it to you with their contact information. Get recordings if you can. Call the police to the scene, especially if the other driver wants to avoid getting the police involved. That’s a huge red flag that the person you had the wreck with isn’t interested in being responsible, and no police report means nothing really happened.

Start the claim with the insurer right away and tell them exactly what happened, but don’t let them take a recorded statement from you if they ask. If the insurance company has questions about what happened, they can look at the police report. If they have more questions after that, they should send the questions in writing. You should only answer them after speaking with an attorney.

The absolute best way to solve this problem is by lining up your evidence as quickly as you can before the other side can try to twist what happened and manipulate the evidence.

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1. Ask for Proof

If the other party is denying responsibility, ask them why and ask for specific evidence: witness accounts, police reports, photos, or another piece of evidence that would support their claim. They cannot conceal or destroy evidence; this is illegal.

Keep in mind that the other party and their insurance company will probably try and deny that the evidence makes any conclusions of fault. For the best chances of obtaining the compensation you need, hire an attorney.

2. Ask Your Insurance Company for Help

You pay them every month for a reason. If the other party is denying liability for the car accident that caused your injuries, ask your insurance company for assistance.

They might advise you to file a complaint with the other driver’s insurance company, or they might decide to pay for your medical bills and other expenses themselves and then fight the other insurance company for reimbursement.

However, you should know that your insurer will not file a claim to get you compensated. Your insurance company will only try to recover what it paid on your behalf, often submitting the case for arbitration or settling without consulting you.

3. Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

If the other driver or his/her insurer is already trying to avoid responsibility before you even have a lawyer, imagine what they’ll try to get away with if you decide to handle the case on your own. An experienced car accident attorney will know exactly the kinds of tactics that drivers and insurance companies use to avoid taking responsibility and compensating victims, and will hold them accountable for their negligent actions.

If you were in a car accident in Lake Charles, Louisiana, your best bet is to hire an attorney from The Johnson Firm. With over 30 years of experience, we know which arguments will win your case. Call (337) 433-1414 today.

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