Distracted Driver Crashes Big Rig on Louisiana Interstate

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As regular readers of our Lake Charles legal blog know, we regularly write about the dangers posed to drivers of passenger vehicles by lumbering, 18-wheel behemoths on Interstate 10. Tractor-trailers are long, tall, heavy, and slow to stop and difficult to maneuver. 

When drivers give in to the lure of technology and pay attention to their phones instead of traffic and the road, the likelihood of a motor vehicle crash with injuries or fatalities soars. When that distracted driver hits a big rig, loss of life is even more likely. 

Louisiana State Police report that is exactly what happened in a recent truck crash about 200 miles east of Lake Charles on Interstate 12 near Slidell. That is where a 33-year-old driver of a passenger vehicle reached for his phone and crashed his car into an 18-wheeler, causing both vehicles to leave the highway. 

The 33-year-old man was ejected from his car and was later pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. The 60-year-old truck driver was treated for minor injuries. 

According to law enforcement, the driver’s phone had fallen to the floor. When he reached down to retrieve it, his Cadillac swerved and hit the big rig. A news article stated that officials do not believe either man was impaired. 

It should be noted that April is Distracted Driving Month. The National Safety Council says that on average nine people across the nation are killed each day in distracted driving crashes, and another 100 people suffer injuries in the crashes. Phones are the major culprit, but people are also distracted by in-dash information and entertainment centers controlled by voice or touch. 

If you or a family member has been hurt by a distracted driver, we can help. Contact an experienced Lake Charles truck accident attorney today for a consultation.

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