Louisiana Man Dies After Being Hit by Drunk Driver

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Louisiana residents who are injured in accidents caused by the negligence of others understandably may want to seek compensation and help. The same may be true for the family members of people who are killed in incidents like vehicle accidents. These accidents may take many forms and involve vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcyclists. 

A man who was only 34 years old was actually killed recently after he was run over by a driver in a full-sized pickup truck. The accident took place along a stretch of U.S. 190 near Fountainbleau State Park in the wee hours of a Saturday morning. The driver of the pickup was tested for alcohol in his system. A breath test revealed that his blood alcohol level was 0.085 percent. 

In Louisiana, a person is considered legally intoxicated with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. It is also at this threshold that a person may be able to be arrested for and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol. The driver has actually been charged with drunk driving as well as negligent homicide for the death of the man. It is not known if the man was survived by a spouse or children. 

After a death in an accident, seeking a conversation with an experienced personal injury attorney may be a good way for surviving family members to learn about the options available to them to be compensated for their unnecessary loss.  Our Lake Charles car accident attorneys are here to help.

Source: NOLA, “Suspected drunk driver kills man in Mandeville roadway: Fox 8 report,” Richard Rainey, May 6, 2017 


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