By the Numbers: Louisiana’s Car Accidents

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A fatal motor vehicle crash happens somewhere in Louisiana every 11 hours, 21 minutes and 42 seconds, according to a new traffic study by Louisiana State University. That is almost exactly two people per day being killed in wrecks on our state’s highways, streets and roads. 

The report says that last year, 771 died in traffic crashes, up nearly 2 percent from the year before. While most of the data is grim, there is some good news, too: there was a 4.7 percent decrease in the number of auto accidents that involved injuries but not fatalities. 

The LSU report states that there were 47,484 wrecks in which people sustained injuries (but there were no fatalities). Though the total is still large, at least the trend is downward. 

The same is true for the total of people reported injured in those crashes: 76,618. That is down 6 percent from 2016. 

Most of those injured were drivers, the report states, but the data also includes passengers and pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Of those who died in wrecks, 518 were drivers (including motorcyclists) and 137 victims were passengers. There were 116 victims who were either pedestrians or bicyclists. 

Most of the 771 killed were male (563), the report stated. 

One of the most disturbing figures from the report shows that many (if not most) of those who died could have survived if they had simply buckled up. More than half of those killed in crashes (drivers and passengers) were not wearing seat belts. 

Crashes in urban areas such as Lake Charles are more likely to result in injuries than crashes in rural parts of the state, but rural crashes are much more likely to result in fatalities, the data shows. Rural accidents resulted in 473 deaths last year, while 232 people died in urban crashes. 

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