How do I find out if there’s a warrant for my arrest in Louisiana?

How do I find out if there’s a warrant for my arrest in Louisiana?

Taking immediate action is essential if you’re facing criminal charges in Louisiana. As such, it’s vital first to know how to determine whether there’s a warrant for your arrest. If such a warrant exists, a Lake Charles criminal defense attorney at The Johnson Firm can review your legal defenses and seek to reduce or dismiss your charge.

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What types of warrants exist in Louisiana?

There are two primary types of warrants in Louisiana: bench and arrest. An arrest warrant is issued after the police have investigated a crime and established probable cause. A judge issues a bench warrant, allowing law enforcement to arrest you, typically for failing to appear for a scheduled hearing in court.

Neither of these warrants will go away unless they’re resolved. You can be arrested if you’re pulled over and have an outstanding warrant. It’s best to speak to a criminal defense lawyer in Louisiana immediately.

How do I find out if there’s a warrant for my arrest?

There are a couple of ways you can determine whether you have a warrant for your arrest in Louisiana. Some are more reliable than others. Options for searching warrants in Louisiana include the following.

Over the phone

Call your local city police, county sheriff’s department, or courthouse to request they search the Louisiana active warrants database for your name. However, many agencies will only provide limited information and request that you appear in person.


Some law enforcement and court websites, such as the City of Baton Rouge, provide warrant information online. Your name not appearing in a search doesn’t guarantee that no warrant has been issued for you, so you should always confirm the information through another method.

Through a third-party site

Many third-party sites offer warrant and background searches. However, official background checks through the Louisiana State Police are only disclosed to authorized agencies, and the results you obtain from these sites aren’t guaranteed to be accurate.

In person

You can go to the courthouse where you suspect a warrant may have been issued or to your local law enforcement agency to have them conduct a Louisiana warrant search. Doing so can be risky, however, because if you do have a warrant, you’ll probably be taken into custody while you’re there.

Through a lawyer

A criminal defense attorney can contact the appropriate authorities to determine if you have a Louisiana arrest warrant. If you do, we can then help you begin the process of resolving the warrant. Contacting our criminal defense team immediately is smart to prevent an unexpected arrest.

What should I do if I’ve been issued a warrant?

If you have a warrant for your arrest in Louisiana, you must take action for it to go away. The most important step you should take is to contact a Lake Charles criminal defense lawyer. We can get your penalties reduced or eliminated.

We can assist you with the process of turning yourself in if necessary. We can also be present when you’re being questioned by law enforcement and during court appearances. In some instances, we may be able to get your warrant recalled without you being present.

Who should I call to help with my warrant?

You must act immediately upon learning you have a warrant for your arrest in Louisiana. Contact The Johnson Firm at (337) 433-1414 as soon as possible to schedule a consultation. We can review your options and work swiftly to get your warrant resolved.

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