Young driver avoids collision, drives into drainage retention pond


During the afternoon on January 9, a car drove into a retention pond on North Pine Street. According to the DeRidder Police Department, a juvenile driver successfully avoided a collision with another vehicle, but the maneuver caused the individual to lose control of their car. 

As a result, the vehicle made a beeline off of the street and into the drainage retention pond, which is located in front of a Walmart. 

Fortunately, the driver was not injured, as people who were in the area when the incident took place actually went into the water to help.

The images from the accident are something you don’t see every day, as the top of the car was only barely visible in the water. 

Once the car was removed from the pond, it was apparent that the front of the vehicle sustained extensive damage. 

It isn’t clear at this time whether more information about the near-collision between the two vehicles will be released to the public.

The presence of alcohol, drugs or other substances has also not been confirmed at this time.

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