Independence Day celebrations marred by fires and violence


While everyone wants to have a great time on America’s birthday, safety is paramount during these gatherings. Unfortunately, the well-being of individuals was compromised during a couple of events this Independence Day.

Shooting in Shreveport

An annual block party held on Pearl Street near Jones Mabry Road in Shreveport turned violent just before midnight. Shots rang out, leaving four people dead and a minimum of seven others injured. This was a difficult scene for authorities to access given the popularity of the block party. It was estimated that at least 200 people were in attendance for the festivities.

“This should not happen,” said District Councilwoman Tabitha Taylor. “Now we are the victims of a mass shooting in our community…it is traumatic for those individuals that only wanted to have a very good time on this holiday.” Via

Family members have identified Syncere Brown, 17, as one of the people who were tragically shot and killed on Tuesday night. The investigation is ongoing, but initial findings seem to indicate that the shooting was targeted, only intending to cause harm to specific individuals.

Fire in Baton Rouge

Meanwhile, another harrowing scene played out in Baton Rouge. The fireworks show over the Mississippi River was well underway in the state capital, when a small fire broke out on the barge that contained the fireworks.

For reasons that are still unknown, a pallet caught fire during the display, which prompted organizers to end the show early. 

It took about an hour for the fire on the barge to be completely extinguished. The blaze was not started by the fireworks themselves. 

The Johnson Firm hopes that the 4th of July will continue to be a day that everyone can come together safely on. We can be reached at (337) 433-1414 to render legal assistance for those negatively affected by violent crime or motor vehicle accidents.

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